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Today, a different but equally vicious disease, cancer, has once again made her gaunt and her limbs weak. We ate a few turnips, we made flour from tulip bulbs. In the spring we picked anything we could in the countryside.In an interview before she had a malignant tumour removed from her colon at Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre in Los Angeles, she recalled the war years: "I was in very bad health. "It made me resilient and terribly appreciative for everything good that came afterwards.Hepburn and other youngsters acted as secret couriers and agents.

Because her half-brothers refused to join the Nazi Youth organisation, Alexander was sent to a labour camp in Germany, although Jan escaped that punishment.Her uncle and one of her mother's cousins were shot as "enemies of the Third Reich".Her mother publicly played a neutral game but quietly joined the Dutch Resistance.The teenaged Audrey Hepburn and her mother got their revenge by hiding resistance men.Hepburn made a little extra money by teaching dancing and piano but by 1943 the Arnhem Conservatory of Music was also a front for Operation Diver — an organisation that specialised in hiding and helping Dutch patriots.