Sreesanth dating shazahn padamsee

Karishma says, "The first meeting is more formal usually.

So, it saves the embarrassment of asking that question." If the kids meet alone, says Karishma, usually it's the boys who pick up the cheque."Yes, the thought that he can't pick up a piddly coffee bill may cross the girl's mind.

Sreesanth seems to have taken a leaf out of fellow cricketer Yuvraj Singh's book with a growing list of link-ups with B'wood celebs.

Others, especially the girl's parents, want to see the boy first before letting him meet their daughter.

Now that you've met and your potential partner hasn't repulsed you in the first five minutes, what are the appropriate subjects to touch on?

Eighty five per cent parents are letting their kids meet alone.

There were many reports of the two being spotted at restaurants together.

Their appearances at a club in Bangalore also became frequent. Meet the lover boy Indian cricketer Sreesanth has always denied being in a relationship but his link up rumours resurface every now and then.

Sreesanth dating shazahn padamsee