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The real issue for me is my near vision, which is much worse than I was expecting.

I do know that the Symfony isn't all-around perfect, that e.g. And I know that's just an average, but even the distributions left me hopeful, with 81% of trials patients achieving 20/40 or better (that's monofocally; 96% were better than 20/40 bifocally).

Robert Maloney of the Maloney Vision Institute for LASIK to give him excellent eye sight.

Read more about Tommy's experience The KAMRA Inlay can restore the natural range of vision for patients 45 and older who are seeking freedom from reading glasses. Maloney was principal investigator for the FDA trials.

I'd trade some distance for better reading, and if I need a magnifier for a tiny label, I could live with that, as long as I can read printed newspapers, magazines, use my computer, and everyday distance (driving, swimming, walking around) without correction.

From the discussion in this forum, it seems there is greater risk of overshooting and ending up with hyperopia. So, brian35898, Web Dev, others, what do you think?

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A couple years ago, my optometrist sent me to a glaucoma specialist for evaluation.Learn more about the KAMRA Inlay Lindsey Vonn, the most successful American skier in history, had LASIK performed by Dr.Robert Maloney of the Maloney Vision Institute & now has better than 20/20 vision.Going for -0.75D gave an average binocular distance vision of just barely under 20/20.If you used monofocals, you'd either need to use a larger amount of monovision (risking reducing binocular distance vision, and stereopsis) or have even less near and intermediate.