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He decides to start adding to the older entries, describing being sleepless and feeling pain. He brings up his sleeplessness and pain and mentions the possibility of angina. Travis gives him a prescription for Evipan (a sleeping pill).

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Scobie tells Helen not to leave town and promises her that he will think of something. Later, Scobie sits with Louise at home and thinks about Ali.Louise says that she is sorry about the boy, but Scobie knows that Ali's death has had little impact on her.Instead, Louise wants to talk about having a party for Christmas and Scobie replies that the holidays are still far off.He nearly passes Helen on the road, but then decides to stop for her. They sit in the car and she tells him that she heard about Ali's death.Scobie sadly admits that he is responsible for the boy's untimely demise. She knows she is making him miserable and the only solution is for her to leave the colony.